Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Senior Staff · New York, New York
Department Senior Staff
Employment Type 100%
Minimum Experience Experienced

OpenDor Media is seeking our next Chief Executive Officer to lead the organization into the future. We are looking for a CEO who will be:

  • A fundraiser
  • A leader who empowers and motivates
  • An implementer of the organization’s vision
  • A learner who understands the power of media to attract, educate and inspire broad audiences

OpenDor Media’s mission is to educate, entertain and inspire a young Jewish audience, and beyond. We create content that increases their intellectual and emotional commitment to Israel, Judaism and the Jewish people. We do this through all forms of media - films, videos, podcasts, social media, email newsletters, articles and others. We strive to create content that is seen as trusted, valued and essential. 

We take great pride in our operational excellence and strong entrepreneurial, results-oriented culture. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) which builds a healthy, cohesive leadership team and organization united around a clear vision, and executes on that vision with focus, discipline and accountability. 

For any questions, please email Beth Austin Mischel at

To apply, please fill out the application at this link: and be sure to include a cover letter that explains why we should consider your application.


Fundraising and Representation

  • Accountable for the overall financial stability and health of the organization
  • Identify potential new supporters, solicit donations from high-net-worth individuals and foundations; build our fundraising potential and grow our operating budget
  • Provide strategic leadership and direction to our fundraising team
  • Diversify the organization’s revenue streams by developing partnerships and leveraging individual and Board networks 
  • Able to articulate OpenDor Media’s core message with authenticity and passion when speaking to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Travel as necessary (Covid permitting), work flexible hours across multiple time zones

Strategy and Mission 

  • Ensure our strategy is at the forefront of media outreach
  • Identify and develop key individual and organizational strategic relationships
  • Ensure our content meets the organization’s educational principles
  • Expand and refine our product portfolio to position the organization for continued growth 
  • Develop systems for measuring the impact of the organization 
  • Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board; ensure open communication and report progress of measured milestones and goals
  • Work with the leadership team to refine and implement the strategic plan as articulated in our EOS® Vision/Traction Organizer


  • Promote an organizational culture that fosters a passion for the mission, a shared vision, professionalism, innovation, teamwork, open communication and accountability
  • Model effective decision-making, including defining problems, seeking data and information around potential solutions
  • Lead and inspire the staff and assist their continued development
  • Encourage and foster out-of-the-box thinking and exploration of new ideas that challenge the status quo

Who You Are:

Mission & Values Aligned: 

  • Deep belief in OpenDor Media’s mission to empower a generation of Jews to embrace Judaism through media that informs, engages and inspires
  • A commitment to and grounding in traditional Jewish values, perspectives and ideals  
  • A strong belief in the Zionist dream of a sovereign Jewish state in the Land of Israel
  • Experience working in and understanding of media is essential
  • Knowledge and understanding of the North American and global Jewish landscape is a plus

Executive & Organizational Leader: 

  • Phenomenal organizational entrepreneur, leader, builder and people manager with a track record of leading teams around a vision 
  • Outstanding in-person and virtual presentation and communication skills 
  • Proven ability to define and refine an organization’s long-term goals and center a team on those goals to deepen their impact 
  • Passion for identifying and developing talent, new opportunities and projects  
  • Experience leading a geographically-distributed team is a strong plus

Fundraiser and Builder: 

  • Fundraiser who has a track record or can become strong at raising multi-year, large gifts for a nonprofit organization, building new and existing relationships with institutional donors, foundations and high-net-worth individuals 
  • Outstanding storyteller and communicator with ability to engage and inspire diverse audiences 

Team & Culture Leader: 

  • A leader who possesses, embodies and champions our Core Values 
  • Prioritizes listening, collaboration and empowerment to promote trust and employee engagement 
  • Promotes a healthy, caring organizational culture

Salary and Benefits:

The salary range for this position is $200,000-$275,000 depending on the applicant's location and experience. Performance bonuses may be available but are not guaranteed. In addition, we offer competitive benefits, which differ slightly depending on location. Packages include:

  • 10-14 days paid vacation, plus Jewish holidays off
  • Flexible work hours and potential to work remotely
  • 401K for U.S. residents
  • National Insurance and pension for Israeli residents


As a global organization, we are flexible about the location of this position. Out of our current staff of 30, two-thirds are located in Israel and the others are in North America. Our Board, target audience, and the majority of funders are also located in the U.S. Given the remote nature of our workforce, we welcome applicants from throughout the U.S. (preference given to eastern and central time zones) and Israel. Viable candidates outside the U.S. must be willing to travel to the U.S. at least 4-6 times per year  to connect with OpenDor Media’s funders, partners and the Board.

Expectations - First Year

By 90 Days

  • Learning & Onboarding – meet the team, know our products, learn the business
  • Develop relationships with L10 leadership team
  • Master EOS Foundational Tools (Accountability Chart, Rocks, Scorecard, Meeting Pulse) 
  • Work with Director of People & Culture to create Accountability/Organizational chart and begin process of recruiting for COO
  • Begin fundraising efforts

By 6 Months

  • Hire COO and fill any other major leadership positions identified on Accountability chart
  • Establish trust and confidence of the leadership team
  • Begin intensive fundraising efforts – two meetings each week on average
  • Research and identify approaches for measuring ODM’s educational and overall impact
  • Review and recommend governance and organizational structure

By 1 Year

  • Establish trust and confidence of the Board
  • With COO, develop system to ensure all staff are knowledgeable and aligned to ODMs values and First Principles; for content staff, develop training program with Head of Content 
  • Raise $200k from new donors as well as help with existing donors 
  • Initiate relationships with five philanthropists/foundations with potential for minimum of $100k gifts in the future
  • Initiate relationships with 10 philanthropists/foundations with potential for $25k gifts in the  future 
  • Lead 2022-23 strategic planning 
  • Decide and begin implementation on approach for measuring ODM’s educational and overall impact

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